[texhax] Frequency of Reference Citations

Thomas Schneider schneidt at mail.nih.gov
Sun Nov 28 22:30:39 CET 2010


> I've written my dissertation in LaTeX and a school specific class
> file. I've arrange the thesis in a tree-like structure with many
> separate .tex files being inputted into one master file... typical
> setup. I am wondering if now that I am done with this document, is
> it possible to get some word and reference frequency statistics. For
> example, does anyone know of a tool that could output not only the
> references I've used but also how many times I cited each reference?
> Similarly, does any know of a tool (maybe the same one?) where I can
> get a word frequency list for a document organized like mine?
> Sorry I forgot to mention that I am using Ubuntu as an OS and
> Emacs+AucTeX as my writing and compiling environment.

If your tree structure is a directory tree (under unix), you can
traverse the tree using my little tree script:


To use it you have to make sure that your analysis function(s) are in
your path.

unix tree directory traversal

On Mac OS X there a package that `man traverse` describes, apparently
programming tools for tcl.  Also, the unix 'find' program might work.


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