[texhax] defining unusual control sequences

Uwe Lueck uwe.lueck at web.de
Sat Nov 20 18:40:20 CET 2010

"Vafa Khalighi" <vafakhlgh at gmail.com>, 20.11.2010 16:30:47:
> Can you define a control sequence in a package,  say,
> \me at test, such that you can use it in your document body
> without using \csname me at test\endcsname or without using
> \makeatletter, \makeatother in the body of your document?

Essentially not. Without \makeatletter, TeX only sees a command 
\me with a `@' ahead and some letters following. You could define 
\me to collect the `@' and the following "letters" and then call 
\csname ...\endcsname internally, i.e., you create a macro that 
mimicks/varies TeX's tokenizing, e.g., using \ifcat or so 
(ahm, niceverb in my nicetext bundle does similar tricks, 
 i.e., may provide "templates" for this purpose).



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