[texhax] special formatting requirement in documentclass report

Balachander Narasimhan balchand at gmail.com
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I have a special requirement. I am using documentclass report. For chapter
title I use \chapter{Introduction} and I get the following output

Chapter. 1


Contents start here....

There is a default spacing between these lines. Is there any way to change
this? For eg. I need 0.5cm spacing between chapter number and title and 1 cm
spacing between title and first line of contents. thanks for any help.


‎"This was quite the most incredible event that has ever happened in my
life. It was almost incredible as if you fired a 15-in shell at a tissue
paper and it bounced back and hit you" - Rutherford recalling his discovery
of atomic nucleus in an experiment that involved the reflection of high
energy alpha particles from a thin foil.

>From "Truth and Beauty: Aesthetics and Motivation in Science" by S.
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