[texhax] FW: Re: Implementing control sequences with key values

Pierre MacKay Pierre.MacKay at comcast.net
Mon Nov 15 18:58:15 CET 2010

> \Section All Graphs are Reconstructable
> In this section ...
> Certainly, Bad Things happen if I forget the blank line.  But I like
> the blank line for reading ease, and there are so many creative ways
> to botch up TeX input anyway that adding one more is really not an
> issue (for me).
> Cheers.
> 				Jim
I am, myself, a little wary of using line-end (implied \par)as a delimiter
although I know I sometimes do so, but there is lots
of punctuation available for use in delimited arguments, and the 
arguments can
be of astonishing length.  I have to set book reviews in a journal, and 
it is a great
convenience to be able to import the entire content of a copy-edited 
into a four-argument macro

\review<first argument, all the publication info delimited by>
\BEGIN                                                                 % 
Note that, since it is a delimiter, \BEGIN simply disappears.
                                                                              % in a separate context you could still use the name,
                                                                               % although it would surely be a bad idea
<entire text of review delimited by>
<reviewer identification terminated by the only {} argument, which 
contains the
the reviewer's affiliation>

That is extremely easy to proofread, and allows the use of standard 
macros for
things like italics in the text of the review.

I have always felt that delimited macro arguments were sadly underused.

Pierre MacKay

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