[texhax] LyX for Windows screen reader usability

William Adams will.adams at frycomm.com
Wed Nov 10 16:09:52 CET 2010

On Nov 9, 2010, at 3:53 PM, Paul Stanley wrote:

> I appreciate this may not be strictly on-topic but I think it's useful information to others in my position.
> LyX-1.6 (for Windows) is, in short, unusable with a screen reader.

Unfortunately, that's a consequence of the programming GUI toolkit being used. A quick check of the Bug Tracker doesn't show this as a reported problem.

I've often wished that the toolkit-independent nature of LyX had been preserved and expanded upon w/ natively-interfaced versions of it being available for Mac OS X and Windows.

I've subscribed to the LyX-devel list again and have sent this message to that list where hopefully it will spark some discussion.


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