[texhax] bibtex using makebst harvard author-year style missing comma before year

Beuthe, Tatjana tatjana.beuthe.10 at ucl.ac.uk
Sat Nov 6 00:33:39 CET 2010

My school requires a variant of harvard style bibliography.

I used makebst to create a bibliography style that suits most of their requirements.

However, there is still one option which I cannot get to display.

My citations require a nomenclature written with <last name> comma <first name initials> COMMA date.


Smith, J., 2001. The world crisis. Dumbsville: The University Press.

However, what I get is:

Smith, J. 2001. The world crisis. Dumbsville: The University Press.

makebst has an explicit option for this format (taken from the dbj file):

%>>REVERSED DATE (if including month)
%>>DATE FORMAT (if non author-year citations)
%<<DATE FORMAT (if author-year citations)
%   %: (def) Year plain without any brackets
% yr-par,%: Year in parentheses as (1993)
% yr-brk,%: Year in brackets as [1993]
% yr-col,%: Year preceded by colon as `: 1993'
% yr-per,%: Year preceded by period as `. 1993'
  yr-com,%: Date preceded by comma as `, 1993'
% yr-blk,%: Year preceded by space only, as ` 1993'

However, despite selecting the option "yr-com,%: Date preceded by comma as `, 1993'"
the compiled bst file refuses to display the bibliographical citation in this format.

How can I get the comma to display?

Zip file with minimal example enclosed.

Please feel free to crosspost this message to the bibtex list if appropriate.
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