[texhax] 'regular' vertical spacing with shortenumerate package

Steve Revilak steve at srevilak.net
Tue Nov 2 02:03:02 CET 2010

>From: Joan Boorstein <jboor at math.umb.edu>

>When one uses the shortenumerate package the vertical spacing between
>adjacent lines (when both lines are produced by the shortenumerate package)
>is reduced from that of the enumerate package.  Is there a way to get
>LaTeX to use a larger vertical spacing, say that used by the enumerate
>package?  The documentation for the package does not mention this issue,
>nor does it mention the fact that vertical spacing is reduced.

I don't have a copy of this package installed, but I did take a quick
look through
Shortenumerate seems to built on top of a standard \list environment.

Have you tried changing \parskip or \itemsep within shortenumerate?
Something like

      % ...

10ex is probably more space than you want, but it shouldn't be hard
find a suitable value.

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