[texhax] converting Word files to text

Anders Källström anders at texnat.se
Mon Nov 1 20:52:35 CET 2010

On 11/01/2010 07:59 PM, Fernando Gouvea wrote:
>  Hi, everyone. I'm about to launch into a project using LaTeX to 
> prepare a poetry book for publication. Unfortunately the poems are in 
> individual Word files. If they were plain text, it would be fairly 
> easy to batch-process them and make a LaTeX file. Since I have several 
> hundred little files, opening them with Word and "saving as" would be 
> a pain. Is anyone aware of a good tool to batch-convert from Word to 
> text (or even to TeX)?
> Fernando
If you can do the conversion in linux you have the programs antiword and 
catdoc. I have used them both to convert doc-files to txt and you can 
easily write a script to automate the process.. They will not work with 
docx though.

/Anders K
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