[texhax] How to create legend in Latex

Uwe Lueck uwe.lueck at web.de
Mon Nov 1 18:47:35 CET 2010

"Mostafa ali" <wremostafa at yahoo.com>, 01.11.2010 16:22:25:
> I have some figures which were generated in Matlab
> and it has six diffrent curves. I want to create legends in Latex.
> I can do that in MatLab, but then the legends become so big
> that it covers the whole graph. So I am wondering, if there is
> any way to create legends in latex and put it under the figure.

I have never seen how a MatLab figure gets into a LaTeX document, but I guess MatLab creates some graphic files (e.g,. EPS format) matlab-1, ..., matlab-6, that you include by \includegraphi... from the graphics bundle. The most common way for placement is wrapping the \include with a `figure' environment -- 


-- and there you should have your LEGEND. Cf. any LaTeX documentation. Some package could refine this. 

Hoping to help -- Uwe.

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