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Ramamoorthi Bhaskar bhaskar51 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 16 14:10:05 CET 2010

I use XeLatex regularly, in part because I sometimes write memos that
contain Hindi and Tamil.  It's versatile and flexible.  I do find one
disadvantage, and I wonder if it's in the way I use it.

Once I set the romanfont to, say, Baskerville or Garamond, the standard
latex commands \textbf, \textsc, \texttt, etc. stop working, and I have to
search for a font, include it as a font via the newfontfamily declaration,
and so on.  (They don't produce errors, they don't do anything, or they do
something wrong or weird).

Is there a simple way around this so the standard latex commands work? Or am
I going about it all wrong?


R. Bhaskar

106 Larchwood Drive
Cambridge, MA 02138
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