[texhax] Longtable question.

Beuthe, Thomas beuthet at aecl.ca
Fri Mar 5 19:34:37 CET 2010


Hello all,

I'm overseeing the production of some large documents that are almost entirely mechanically generated.
Large portions consist of sections that contain only longtables and no other text or features.

longtable here
another longtable here
and so on

This can cause funny pagebreaks sometimes where a section heading is orphaned
at the bottom of the page because the only thing following it is a longtable before the next
section break occurs.

It can also cause situations where the section break occurs at the bottom of the page
and the only thing that follows it is the header of the longtable and an \hline below it
at the very bottom of the page, and the table continues on next page.  For example:

2.0 Section Heading for a Section

| longtable head |

[page breaks here]

| longtable head |
| First table entry...                                                           |
| Second table entry...                                                          |
...and so on

So my question is:

...aside from manually entering a \newpage before the section break, which is not a good option
because the document source is being produced by a large perl script, and would mean I would
have to do the manual correction every time I re-produce the document source via the perl script...
(which happens far too often...)

1) Is there any way of glueing the \subsection to the top of the longtable somehow?

2) Is there any way to force longtable NOT to allow the orphaning of one of its heads at the end of a page?
   (From what I read in the documentation, this isn't really supposed to happen.)

I've tried readin through all of the documentation again and done a search to see if anyone
else had this problem before me, but no luck?

Does David Carlisle or David Kastrup read this list?
I tried contacting them at some of their old email addresses, but got only a bounce.
Does anyone happen to have their up to date email addresses handy?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
Even a pointer to a previous discussion or FAQ would be great!



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