[texhax] querry about pdftex.sty

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Thu Mar 4 16:24:30 CET 2010

Shehryar Manzoor wrote:
> hi,
> i am a new user of LaTeX. i have been trying to compile a simple file
> containing ordinary text but whenever I try to obtain the pdf file it gives
> me the following error message:
> *LaTeX Error: File pdftex.sty not found.*
> i have tried to find the file pdftex.sty on the internet but i couldn't. i
> was hoping you could help me in this regard.
> cordially,

see now, that is an odd error.

Could you provide a minimal example of the document that gave toy this 

Does this example work

Hello World

run it through pdflatex to get a pdf file



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