[texhax] anti-widow package

Paul Isambert zappathustra at free.fr
Wed Jun 30 10:53:50 CEST 2010

I think it'd be a very good idea... but I also think it will probably be 
very hard to do. First, LaTeX relies heavily on vertical glue (in every 
sectioning command, for instance), whereas my code assumes fixed grid 
typesetting. So you'll have to spot every place where vertical glue 
might appear, with every class/package, and neutralize it. Second, 
you'll need a good understanding of LaTeX's output routine, and I'm not 
even sure it allows such a thing to be done. Someone with a better 
understanding of it than I have may give you a better appreciation, 
though, even indicating to you the places where the code should appear...
I didn't mean to discourage you, actually what I've said is less an 
exact appreciation of LaTeX than the expression of some of the reasons 
why I quit using it. You're absolutely free to use the ideas as you 
wish, mi código is tu código. So go on... and good luck!
> As Paul writes in the last paragraph of his article, the \everypar and \output routine are ”complex objects“ in LaTeX 
I think I said they were `supposed to be complex subjects' (and not 
especially in LaTeX), by which I meant (regarding the output routine 
particularly) that they aren't addressed very often (as compared to 
macros, for instance).


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