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Brandon Kuczenski brandon at 301south.net
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Dan Doernberg wrote:
>> Below are some sample screenshots of the problems that generated the advice above; first are two samples, each of which have "before and after" images showing both our software's rendering and the original text  in Word.
>> Big parentheses problem:


Curious that you would come to a TeX list for a question unrelated to 
TeX.  Your problems are due to the fact that MS does bizarre things in 
its typesetting.

Big Parentheses are rendered as three characters- a "top" cap and 
"bottom" cap, with an extendable middle section. Crude, but it works.

Your ellipsis problem is due to the lack of a specific unicode character 
on the client side: U+F0BC, which is in the Unicode "Private Use Area" 

As for the greek letters coming up as squares.. I'm beat.

Why don't you try a web-based LaTeX math renderer?  For instance, your 
first big parentheses problem could be solved by entering this:

\frac{ mN \left ( 2 - 3 \dfrac{m}{N} - \dfrac{1}{N} \right )}
      { N^2 \left ( 1-\dfrac{m}{N}\right )
        \left (1-\dfrac{(m+1)}{N}\right )}
= \frac{2m}{N}

into here:


to get this (attached).

If you want to solve this problem using other means than TeX, it is 
probably better to look elsewhere.

Ellipsis in LaTeX math mode is \ldots , by the way; greek letters are 
such as \Alpha, \alpha, \Beta, \beta, ...

You're lucky I'm avoiding work right now.


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