[texhax] endfloat package with sideways table/figure and input{table}

Biau David djmbiau at yahoo.fr
Tue Jun 1 02:54:07 CEST 2010


I am trying to send figures and tables at the end of a latex document. I have some problems:
- first my tables are imported with the command \input{} and,
- then figures and tables are sideways.

I have added the file endfloat.cfg where my .tex files are but
- only the .ttt file is created
- only one table get to the end (of 2) after the List of Tables; there is no [Table 2 about here]; the other table is moved before List of Tables.
- figures are moved to the end but there is no List of Fig and they are moved before the List of Tables; There is nowhere a [Fig 1 (or 2) about here]
I saw your post on texhax.

I guess the problem comes from the fact that .endfloat does not read the \end{sidewaystable} or something?

Any idea someone? 


 David Biau. 

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