[texhax] create float based on longtable?

hh hh-brasil at bol.com.br
Thu Jan 28 13:05:26 CET 2010

How about this way:

or even


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> Subject: [texhax] create float based on longtable?
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> Hi,
> My question is how I can create a new float or environment which
> behaves just like longtable (or perhaps xtabular?) only that it is not
> treated as table (caption wise and list-of wise)? In other words: More
> concretely: I would like to have an float called "example" which shows
> "Example ..." in its caption and which is listed in a "List of
> Examples" (rather than the list of tables).
> Here is the whole story: for my thesis, I created a new float called
> "example" (I used \DeclareCaptionType from the caption package, but
> this doesn't matter here, I think). The examples I create in the
> document are listed in a "list of examples" and they are be boxed to
> be set apart from the text. I also made them a bit narrower than
> \textwidth. For the boxing I created a new environment based on
> tabular and called it "exbox". I'll just paste the code here:
> \newenvironment{exbox}%
> {
> \small
> \centering
> \begin{tabular}[1]{|m{0.9\textwidth}|}
> \hline
> \smallskip
> }
> %
> {
> \smallskip
> \\\hline
> \end{tabular}
> }
> Actually, the \centering doesn't work and I dont understand why...

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