[texhax] ?

Susan Dittmar Susan.Dittmar at gmx.de
Wed Jan 27 18:20:44 CET 2010

Quoting File Store (5mgfreestore at gmail.com):
> I just copied the same set up that wrote to make sure that it is ok. You
> will see that the parenthesis of the item look different, I am not so sure
> if it is what the system wants or not? Is there a way to make them look like
> same as those parenthesis in the text.

Apart from those three calls to hyperref I see a lot of stuff that's not
necessary (you can find out by putting a % in front and checking if the
problem is still there, and before posting you can remove all those
unneeded lines), but unfortunately even when copying your example as is, I
cannot reproduce the problem. Those parenteses all look the same here.

Perhaps someone with a newer system could check? I use a quite old TeX


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