[texhax] How to use Japanse (or other UTF8) characters in bibtex entries

Torsten Wagner torsten.wagner at fh-aachen.de
Wed Jan 27 04:27:46 CET 2010


yesterday I tried for the first time to use Japanese characters in bibliography 
entries (like authors name, title, etc.)
reading along the web, teached me that BibTeX is not really nice to non-ASCII 
characters (I still do not know whether this might conflict only with the 
sorting algorithm or even with being able to print them at all).

Nevertheless, I was told to switch over to biblatex which might be better in 
this case. As far as I see it is really nice and it makes a lot of packages 
and "dirty" hacks redundant. E.g. I like to create muliple bibliographies 
which is very easy with biblatex... before I had to use the extra package 

Furthermore, I was told to use biber instead of bibtex (which is used by 
BibLaTeX by default, to sort the entries). As far as I found out with 
biber+BibLateX I should have a UTF8 aware bibliography system.

However, I still have no output for the UTF8 characters. I tried to use the 
CJK package and wrap a CJK environment around like this:


but this brakes since \printbibliography is doing a lot of stuff which breaks 
at some point the environment. I will try to protect it. However, if someone 
here has experience how to print non-ASCII characters inside a 
bibliography.... and help is welcome.

If necessary I could provide a minimal example. 



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