[texhax] Swedish - åäö

Susan Dittmar Susan.Dittmar at gmx.de
Thu Jan 21 18:34:58 CET 2010

Dear Jan,

Quoting Jan Öhman (Jan_Ohman at glocalnet.net):
> Hello!
> I found an answer, but I don't know if it is the only way :-)
> (the right way)
> å  => \aa
> Å => \AA
> ä  => \"a
> Ä => \"A
> ö  => \"o
> Ö => \"O

this is an answer, yes, but somehow cumbersome to type. The easier one
would be to tell (La)TeX about the font encoding you are using. I am not
familiar with the font encoding most popular for swedish language, but I
think by reading the documentation about the package inputenc   (texdox
inputenc)  you should find the answer.
Additionally, the package babel with option swedish (I guess) probably
could be quite helpful.

If these hints do not suffice, feel free to ask again. I am quite positive
that you will find more detailed help from others.

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