[texhax] A pdfviewer for windows?

Michael Barr barr at math.mcgill.ca
Wed Jan 20 14:56:58 CET 2010

I have read the threads on pdf viewers, but they seem to be all for 
Unix/Linux or Mac.  Of course, the Adobe reader is available for Windows, 
but it cannot update and in fact you have to exit before rerunning 
pdf(la)tex or you get a "file in use" error.  The yap viewer that comes 
with Miktex is broken.  If you try to reopen the window before the update 
is finished it hangs up and you must exit and restart, losing your place. 
And a file might take .5 seconds to recompile and have yap require a 
minute or more to update and sometimes it doesn't.  If you run tex again 
while it is updating it will inevitably hang.

I don't think earlier versions of yap (maybe 2.4 or earlier, current 
version is 2.8, although I've not used any beyond 2.7) had this problem, 
while the current version handles a lot more \special{}s than the older 

Michael Barr

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