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Tom Schneider toms at ncifcrf.gov
Mon Jan 18 23:52:03 CET 2010


> > (I still don't have a smart pdf
> > reader that updates itself when the file changes, we've discussed this
> > before and no solution worked.  Adobe is unable to accept user
> > suggestions or even acknowledge them.)
> Actually, my experience in the linux world is that Adobe is the
> exception, and that all the other viewers do update themselves (and
> return to the same location and same magnification). An incomplete list
> includes:
> kpdf    - the KDE version of xpdf
> okular  - the new kde pdf viewer
> evince  - the gnome pdf viewer

Being on a Mac OSX, 
I wasn't able to get evince to work (macports has a port bug) but I was
able to get latexmk going!  The main trick is that one has to have
a ~/.latexmk file containing

$pdf_previewer = "start xpdf -remote %R %O %S";
$pdf_update_method = 4;
$pdf_update_command = "xpdf -remote %R -reload";

Then latexmk recognizes when files change and automatically
runs things and triggers the xpdf to redisplay.


I put links and details at



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