[texhax] paragraph indent start-over

Paul Isambert zappathustra at free.fr
Sat Feb 27 19:23:46 CET 2010

Create a new token list with


and add \EveryPar=\everypar at the beginning of your snippet command and 
\everypar=\EveryPar at the end.


Eric Abrahamsen a écrit :
> I've made a custom command for inserting a small snippet of 
> introductory text after each section's headline. I don't want this 
> snippet to "steal" the normal \noindent behavior of the first 
> paragraph of proper text after the snippet, ie I want LaTeX to view 
> that first paragraph of proper text as the actual first paragraph, and 
> not indent it.
> Is there any way that I can either define my introductory snippet so 
> that it's not seen as a real paragraph, or somehow put a \noindent 
> into the end of the command so it applies to the following paragraph, 
> or otherwise reset some internal counter so that the paragraph 
> following is seen as the first?
> Thanks!
> Eric
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