[texhax] the best way to typeset

Philip G. Ratcliffe philip.ratcliffe at uninsubria.it
Wed Feb 3 12:24:57 CET 2010

> I have the row of equalities with left/right sides of 
> different lengths, some fitting into single line and some 
> not,  and I want to typeset them as
> A=         B
> AAA =   BBBB
>              BBBBBBBBBBBBBBB
>              BBBBBBB
> so that left hand expressions would be left-aligned and 
> right-hand expressions would be also left-aligned on "some 
> tab" (automatically chosen so the width of the whole thing  
> is just \linewidth)

The "amsmath" package has various environments for doing such things and the
manual contains many examples.

Cheers,  Phil

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