[texhax] delimeters and math accents

Steven Chapin stevechapin at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 14 16:16:27 CET 2010

On Dec 13, 2010, at 6:03 PM, Lars Madsen wrote:

> On 2010-12-13 23:36, Steven Chapin wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have tried to put various delimeters around accented math symbols
>> in LaTeX, but I'm not very happy with the results.  For example,
>> neither $[\overrightarrow{PQ}]$ nor
>> $\left[\overrightarrow{PQ}\right]$ look very good to me.  If anyone
>> can suggest a (hopefully reasonably simple) way to put delimeters
>> around accented math symbols that looks better, I would greatly
>> appreciate it.
> have you tried scaling the fences manually?
> i.e. $\bigl[\overrightarrow{PQ}\bigr]$ or similar with one of the ither big sizes

Thanks for your response.  Yes, I did experiment with different size fences.  I still can't get it to look very good, in my opinion.  If the fence extents to the top of the accent, then it extends too far below the symbol.  That is, I'd like to be able to "center" the fences better.
> /daleif

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