[texhax] Unicode Font and LaTeX

Steve Revilak steve at srevilak.net
Mon Dec 13 16:24:58 CET 2010

>Hi all
>is there posible writing unicode in LaTex using terminal text editor (ex,
>vi) and how ?
>are they any spesific code to write unicode fonts. I can not found an
>example writing unicode using terminal text, all are using X editor

I think this is largely a matter of getting your Terminal program to
work with UTF-8 characters.  I use KDE's Konsole, so for me, this is a
matter of going to Settings > Edit Current Session > Advanced, and
setting "Default character encoding: UTF-8".  

 From a shell prompt, I can type 

   <Compose> " u

and get the character ü (u with an umulat), and I can type

   <Compose> | c

and get the character ¢ (the symbol for cents).

I get the same results with ed, vi, and emacs -nw.

<Compose> means "the compose key", and you may have to configure it
via your window manager.  The key sequences themselves are listed in

This is generally about as much UTF-8 as I need.

To see a list of UTF-8 fonts on your system, 

  xlsfonts | grep 10646

should show the ones that are available.

I hope that helps.

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