[texhax] metapost/metafun or mptopdf problem?

reneh reneh at win.tue.nl
Fri Aug 27 13:46:28 CEST 2010

Hello Tex-Users,

I use beside Latex also ConTeXt and that with texlive-2007.
I installed texlive-2009 and got problems with the metapost 
or metafun files. I don't see something of it in the end result.
With texlive-2007, I got my directory full with numbered 
mpgraph-files, but with texlive-2009 nothing. 
While the program compiles with texexec, you see that something 
is made of a mpgraph-file, but only with the number .1 and not 
with .4000 and that kind of numbers. Most of the time I got 
200 or 300 files and at this moment with texlive-2009 nothing.
So something is made, that is my idea, but directly deleted or 
something else happens with these files, I have no idea.
How to solve this problem? How do I get my "decorations" in my 
text, so the .pdf files, back?


Rene' van Hassel

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