[texhax] No room for new \count

Brandon Kuczenski brandon at 301south.net
Sun Aug 22 05:47:46 CEST 2010

On Sat, 21 Aug 2010, Stephen Hicks wrote:

> Can you figure out which line of code is causing the error?  (it
> should show up after "l." in the error message).  If you want to see
> more details of how TeX got there, you can try setting
> \errorcontextlines=100 to get more context.
> Without knowing anything else, though, my guess would be that you're
> including a bunch of other packages that all have their own counters,
> and together you're going over the limit.  \newcount is declared
> \outer by default, so there shouldn't be any way of looping over it.
> Also, eTeX provides many more count registers, though I don't know the
> details of how to use it (or if that's on by default).

Thanks!  \usepackage{etex} as the 2nd line of my document solved the 
problem.  or, rather, "hid" the problem.

I've attached some sample output.  Previously, I couldn't do more than 6 
bars without running out of counters.  But that's bad- because I want to 
be reusing the same counters, not creating new ones. The code that 
generates the error is basically a single function call, so the line 
number doesn't help much. I'll look at \errorcontextlines and see what 
that tells me.

I guess I'll spend some more quality time with the TeXbook..  But for now, 
the problem is in hiding once again.

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