[texhax] including graphics

Philip Taylor (Webmaster, Ret'd) P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Mon Aug 16 17:11:46 CEST 2010

Susan Dittmar wrote:

> Quoting Zbigniew Nitecki (zbigniew.nitecki at tufts.edu):

>> I am trying to include a photograph (saved as a .jpg file) in a letter
>> written with \documentclass{letter}.
> Your problem stems from the picture format. I assume you directly generate
> pdf using pdflatex, then you can use either pdf or png format for images.
> No other formats are recognized by pdflatex.

Is that really true, Susan ?  This is the standard ending to all my
correspondence, and I use PdfTeX (admittedly not PdfLaTeX) to process it :

Yours sincerely:
\vskip \baselineskip
\immediate \pdfximage width 2in {D:/TeX/Projects/Correspondence/Philip-Taylor.1.jpg}
\pdfrefximage \pdflastximage
\vskip 0\baselineskip

Philip Taylor

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