[texhax] Regarding margin for binding in thesis

Arvind bahuroopi at gmail.com
Wed Apr 21 03:09:44 CEST 2010

Dear Torsten,

On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 6:12 AM, Torsten Wagner
<torsten.wagner at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Arvind,
>> I am a little confused about the binding space settings, for a thesis
>> to be printed two-sided. I tried the package geometry. Here are the
>> relevant lines:
>> \documentclass[12pt,twoside]{report}
>> \usepackage[twoside,bindingoffset=1in]{geometry}
> I don't have the commands in my mind at the moment. But I know it is a
> common error to believe that the margins which will create the middle of the
> book have to be wider then the outer margins. Please check for this. A
> correct set-up should give you exact three margins.
> |------| Text |---*---| Text |------|
> * indicate the book-middle. As you can see the left and right size margins
> have the same width like both inner margins together. This results in a
> uniform look margin,text,margin,text,margin....
> Furthermore, depending on how many pages you have and which kind of binding
> you choice there might be no need for an additional bindingoffset. I can not
> remember exactly so please use this numbers with care but for a hot-glue
> binding and less then 100-150 pages it should work without corrections.
> Other binings allow more or less to bind the book which might require more
> or less correction. Check which kind of binding you will choice. However 1
> inch seems fare to much...
> In general, an additional but unnecessary correction looks finally much more
> wrong then no correction.
> As a conclusion of my blabla... use it really with care

Thanks for the info. I was trying different values to check how it
ought to look like. I am not going to use 1 inch. For that matter, my
thesis is ~260 pages, so i might need extra space on the inside

However, my impression was that with the twoside option, the geometry
package would give different left and right margins for odd and even
numbered pages. You are saying it should give the same margin for both
pages. But it seems to be doing neither. What i am getting is a larger
margin on the right, and slightly smaller margin on the left, for all
the pages. Why is that?


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