[texhax] Bad page break with longtable and floats

Volker Haas volker.haas at brainbot.com
Fri Sep 25 10:44:44 CEST 2009

Hi list,

I encountered a problem when using a longtable and floats on the same 
page: some text is printed over the page margins. I searched the web and 
found a solution which unfortunately fixes only part of the problem.

Using the original longtable package (v4.11 from texlive 2008) the 
following minimal example breaks (the paragraph \lipsum[5] is printed 
over the margin:




\caption{figure 1}


1 & 2 \\ \hline
3 & 4 \\ \hline
5 & 6 \\ \hline
7 & 8 \\ \hline
9 & 0 \\ \hline

%% \begin{figure}
%% \lipsum[1]
%% \caption{figure 2}
%% \end{figure}



Using a patched version of longtable (found at 
http://www.digitas.harvard.edu/cgi-bin/wiki/ken/LongTable) fixes the 
problem. But the example breaks again if the second figure is uncommented.

--> Any help on how to make a longtable work with multiple floats on the 
same page would greatly be appreciated.


p.s. The TeX code is automatically generated, therefore making it pretty 
much impossible to avoid the above mentioned situation...

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