[texhax] dingautolist, pifont and opentype custom symbols in xelatex

Jesús Guillermo Andrade jgandradev at mac.com
Mon Sep 21 18:26:01 CEST 2009

hh: Thanks man for answering. No... I have had no problems with  
pifonts except that their circled number run only up to 10... So I  
want to implement a solution by using libertine fonts or any other.
Its a pity that so far, not even the authors of the possible font  
solutions have answered my questions regarding their use by xelatex.

El sep 21, 2009, a las 9:35 a.m., hh escribió:

> I had a similar problem a while ago, at the end I used circles done  
> with
> pstricks. I could not find any other satisfying solution.
> The ding-font symbols had the tendence to disappear in the pdf-file.
> Maybe you have more luck.
> With regards
> hh
> From:           	Jesús Guillermo Andrade <jgandradev at mac.com>
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> Date sent:      	Mon, 21 Sep 2009 08:26:30 -0430
> Subject:        	[texhax] dingautolist, pifont and opentype custom
> symbols in xelatex
>> Hi folks! I wondered if any of you might have had some experience in
>> using \begin{dinglist} or \begin{dingautolist} with the pifont
>> package, while changing the symbol set for dingautolist by extracting
>> them from another opentype font, say Gentium or Linux Libertine
>> through xelatex.
>> I'd like to use a specific set of circled numbers within an opentype
>> font as the base for the dingautolist, and of course, for a second
>> level item list, to be able to select yet another group of symbols
>> within the same font.
>> Is it possible to make it with xelatex and/or by modifiying the  
>> pifont
>> package? thanks
>> Thanks a lot for any help!
>> Jesús Guillermo Andrade
>> jgandradev at mac.com
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