[texhax] Help with error

Axel E. Retif axel.retif at mac.com
Tue Sep 15 16:13:14 CEST 2009

On  15 Sep, 2009, at 08:26, Donn Miller-Kermani wrote:

> From: Axel E. Retif [axel.retif at mac.com]
> On  15 Sep, 2009, at 07:36, Donn Miller-Kermani wrote:
>>> I am not that tex savvy and rely on what is given me by the style
>>> files. Evidently I didn't include the correct style file and bst
>>> files. They are attached here.  I do use the Windows XP environment
>>> and am using PCTex. I do not understand LaTex enough to decompose
>>> the styles files that are given to me. I no longer use this on a
>>> regular basis and thus do not have my reference guide.  I apologize
>>> for bothering all of you with this but I do appreciate all your
>>> help. I just don't understand what I can do (from a layman non-tex
>>> regular user) to fix this.
>> I did get the error indeed, but I told LaTeX to proceed. There were
>> many errors after that; but I kept telling LaTeX to go on (check in
>> your PCTeX manual how to do that). Finally, the run concluded and,
>> yes, the Bibliography was a mess.
>> But then I ran LaTeX two more times, then BibTeX, then LaTeX again,
>> and all is fine.
>> I attach the PDF.

> Thank you. I need the index included as well.  PCTex will not allow  
> you to force it to go further to keep compiling it.
> Donn

The subject index typesets OK. The class you use manages multiple  
indices with different commands:
\def\aindx#1{\index{author}{#1}}    %For Author index
\def\sindx#1{\index{subject}{#1}}   %For Subject index
\def\gindx#1{\index{general}{#1}}   %For General index

And indeed you have in your preamble

\newindex{aindx}{adx}{and}{Author Index}       % author index
\newindex{sindx}{idx}{ind}{Subject Index}  % subject index

and then at the end of your document

\printindex[aindx]                % to print author index
\printindex[sindx]                % to print subject index

But I *only see* \index commands in your text. I think that maybe the  
original error was in the index generation, and that caused an  
spurious error in the Bibliography. Therefore, as you only use \index  
commands, you have to comment out those \newindex lines and, at the  
end of your document, just say \printindex.

In a separate mail I'm attaching the folder with the fixed *.tex file,  
and resulting PDF.



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