[texhax] ifsym issue

Aaron Martin aaron.martin at me.com
Fri Sep 4 04:10:45 CEST 2009


Further to my first email, here is some more information so that you  
can pinpoint the problem that I have. I am unable to use the  
\StrokeOne, \StrokeTwo etc. macro commands from the ifsym package. I  
know the package is installed (well at least I'm lead to believe it  
is). I am using TeXShop with the TeXLive 2008 distribution.

When I attempt to compile my tex file as PDF, it says "Undefined  
control sequence \StrokeOne".

Here is an excerpt from the ifsym.sty file (if it helps):

% miscellaneous symbols

Here is a simple .tex file that I am using to create the symbol.


\title{Testing the ifsym package}


\StrokeOne %Testing the \StrokeOne symbol from ifsym


If anyone is able to help me out. I'd much appreciate it.



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