[texhax] Under-Sized Angle Brackets

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in correction to my mail before: It would be enough if you replace in the 
sample below the \lange+\rangle by e.g. \Vert. Works out fine.

Anf if you look up the symbols-A4.pdf (see CTAN) there are some more 
possibilities for large brackets (Table 142ff).


From:           	"Mc Kiernan, Daniel Kian," <Mc-Kiernan at att.net>
To:             	Lars Madsen <daleif at imf.au.dk>
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Subject:        	Re: [texhax] Under-Sized Angle Brackets

> Lars Madsen wrote:
> > Mc Kiernan, Daniel Kian, wrote:
> >
> >> I'm attempting to produce formulae some of which have large angle
> >> brackets as delimiters.  Some of these should be, say, 9 lines tall.
> >> But, when pdfeTeX renders them, none are a full three lines tall.
> >> Other delimiters (parentheses, brackets, and braces), large and
> >> small, are rendering fine.
> >> 
> >> I'm using packages graphicx, latexsym, amsmath, amssymb.
> > > 
> >> Thanks in advance for whatever help might be offered.
> > 
> > minimal example please
> Here's the first formula for which there is a problem:
> \begin{equation}
> \left\langle \begin{matrix}\overline{{B_{1}\;\subseteq\; C\left(B_{1}\;\cup\; B_{2}\;\cup\; B_{3}\right)}}\;\forall B_{3}\\
> \vee\\
> \left\{ \begin{matrix}\left[B_{1}\;\subseteq\; C\left(B_{1}\;\cup\; B_{2}\;\cup\; B_{4}\right)\right]\\
> \vee\\
> \overline{{B_{2}\;\subseteq\; C\left(B_{1}\;\cup\; B_{2}\;\cup\; B_{4}\right)}}\end{matrix}\right\} \forall B_{4}\end{matrix}\right\rangle \forall\left(B_{1},B_{2}\right)
> \end{equation}
> > some fonts provide building blocks for creating large delimiters, but 
> > since \lvert and \rvert are sloped, that cannot be present in the font, 
> > so pdflatex may be right in refusing to go that large.
> > 
> > I would refrase this equation, as a 9-lined equation is already very 
> > hard to read.
> These formulae aren't generally equations, and restating them to reduce the number of lines would generally be impracticable (given other constraints) or in fact reduce their readabilitiy.
> > Otherwise draw the delimiter using, say tikz
> I cannot tell the publisher to install further software.  If I cannot get taller angle brackets from pdflatex, then I will need to fall back to using fewer distinct delimiters (which will make it harder for the reader to parse the formulae).
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