[texhax] learning tex vs latex

bill lam cbill.lam at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 15:41:19 CET 2009

Thank all for valuable inputs.  Originally I wanted to generate
commercial invoice using latex template.  With help from various forum
members, I got an adequate solution (I still wish oval corners for
fbox and tabular).  I think I'll continue to use latex for day work.
Canned package based solutions works quite well if you accept some
minor limitation or annoyance (such as the oval corner, but please let
me know how to do it, if possible).

As I understand, typography is craftsmanship to be acquired by years'
apprenticeship.  Are various typesetting rules for typography already
meant to be in-built inside Tex (binary) or Plain Tex format?  Or it
is only the Latex format provides such help.

I'll learn Plain Tex because it is more challenging.  At any rate,
Latex will be the safety net for $ job.

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