[texhax] learning tex vs latex

hh hh-brasil at bol.com.br
Wed Oct 28 14:23:54 CET 2009

It is my (strictly personal) impression, that the general use of 
LaTeX  also includes the loss of knowledge how things are done in 
plain TeX.
Many times people look for a package when in reality they would just 
need one macro (of a limited number of lines). But they are (often) 
not able to extract the macro from a package because that most times 
implies some knowledge of plain TeX.

> However, I believe that if you use, as a absolute beginner, LaTeX you
> might 
> loose some of the fine grains of TeX but it also takes a lot of burdens
> away 
> from you. Mostly things a beginner can even not answer if you point him to
> the 
> fact.

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