[texhax] MakeUppercase with savebox

João Oliveira joao.oliveira at lx.it.pt
Sat Oct 24 20:30:24 CEST 2009


I am having some trouble on doing the following. I would like to make  
command that defines a save box that flushes the text right and make  
it uppercase. I also would like it to accept new lines, so that I  
could issue something like:

\name{This is\\ an example}

and it would produce:

             THIS IS

(it is supposed to be aligned in the right).

I have use the following definitions:



	\begin{minipage}{10cm}\begin{flushright} \MakeUppercase{#1}\end 

Why can't I use this with linebreaks? Without them it works... or  
without MakeUppercase I can have the line breaks...
Can anyone have any clue?

Best regards,

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