[texhax] Difficulty with using PCTeX to compile a .txt file

hh hh-brasil at bol.com.br
Sat Oct 24 12:38:34 CEST 2009

I must admit that I became curious if my preferred editor (= Scite) 
would work with Unicode? It does. As the editor has also a file 
(Options -> Open Abbreviations file) to register abbreviations I can 
only recommend to forget WORD for the work described below.

PS: Samples for Scite abbreviations:

The last part (input: bd) gives you the possibility to start with 
\begin{displaymath}, then just by typing "return"you can change to 
any of the other possibilites shown in the sample or coming back to 
the first. The \vert-symbol let's you put the cursor at its place.

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> Recently, I have developed a way to make typing a TeX style document 
> relatively easy.
> I did that by using the facility Autocorrect in Microsoft
> This allows me to write the command for say an integral with both upper
> and
> lower limit by simply typing (in WORD) int; or alpha by typing a2, or beta
> by typing b2, or prime by typing  pr etc. When you do that in WORD the 
> augmented Autocorrect facility will type in the document \int or \alpha,
> or 
> \beta  or \prime etc.
> When the typing of TeX style file  is completed I use the Save As command
> in 
> WORD. But the options
> I am offered do not allow me to use this file in PCTeX to produce a dvi or
> pdf  file.
> The only version I see in the Save As dialog box, that preserves the 
> appearance of the file, and which I have used,  is Unicode, which lists
> the 
> file as xxx.txt.
> However, when I try to use this file on PCTeX I see on screen  a file all
> of 
> whose entries are nulled and the program cannot use it to produce dvi or
> pdf..
> Is there a solution to this problem? It seems there must be.
> Thank you
> P.J. Dhrymes.
> P.S. I attach a small file produced as I have explained, typed on WORD and
> saved as Unicode.

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