[texhax] Texlive and fonts

Axel E. Retif axel.retif at mac.com
Thu Oct 22 04:24:09 CEST 2009

On  21 Oct, 2009, at 16:35, Henrik Frisk wrote:

> On Sun, Aug 30, 2009 at 1:48 PM, Axel E. Retif <axel.retif at mac.com>  
> wrote:
> On  30 Aug, 2009, at 02:49, Henrik Frisk wrote:
>>> [...]
>>> http://tug.org/fonts/fontinstall.html
>>> OK, I followed thes instructions but I still can't seem to get it  
>>> to work. As far as I can tell, everything looks good, files are in  
>>> the right locations and the filename database is updated as it  
>>> should. But running
>>> $ pdftex testfont
>>> causes the following error
>>> pdfTeX warning: pdftex (file padb8r): Font padb8r at 600 not found
>>> whereas
>>> $ tex testfont
>>> works fine.
>> As you are using TeXLive 2007, I think updmap should update (or  
>> create) psfonts_t1.map in /var/lib/texmf/fonts/map/dvips/updmap/  
>> and pdftex_dl14.map in /var/lib/texmf/fonts/map/pdftex/updmap/,  
>> with information of your added fonts. Does it?
> After leaving this issue alone, somehow thinking it would go away  
> byitself, I tried again tonite to get these two fonts (Frutiger and  
> AGaramond) to play with my TeXLive install (Fedora10). The files  
> referenced by Axel above are not created. Though updmap runs without  
> complaints, I can't see that a corresponding entry is created in any  
> of the different pdfonts files.
> Any suggestions as to what I may do to get these fonts to work with  
> my TeXLive2007. (I've used them successfully prior to Te2007). Is is  
> an option to re-install TeX??

About the last question, I think uninstalling TL2007 and then  
reinstalling it would be the way. But you might get into trouble with  
dependencies ---you might be asked to uninstall first programs that  
depend on TL.

Now ---by any chance would you have an invisible directory called  
something like .texlive2007 in your $HOME? If so, could you check if  
inside it there are some psfonts and pdftex map files?



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