[texhax] placing texts in boxes (flowing from one page to another)

Christopher Brewster cbrewster at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 20:04:41 CEST 2009

If I want to place text in a succession of boxes, the best solution I  
have found is the framed package.
However, if I have more than one \begin{framed} ... \end{framed} next  
to one another they suddenly space out some times when I want them to  
stay close together.

Is there a solution using this package?
or should I be using another package?

The key point is some of the text stretches over from one page to the  
next, and I want this to be properly in a box. Hence I cannot use a  
table/tabular or even longtable because each cell seems to have to be  
on one page.

Thanks for any suggestions,


Operations and Information Management Group,
Aston Business School, Aston University,
Birmingham, B4 7ET, UNITED KINGDOM

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