[texhax] substituting the right keyboard symbols for quote marks

P. R. Stanley prstanley at ntlworld.com
Sun Oct 18 21:05:44 CEST 2009

>>>         Paul: Is there a difference between
>>>``some text''
>>>''some text''
>>Did you look carefully at the output?  The first gives opening quotation
>>marks on the left (as one would wish) while the second only giives closing

>as far as I can gather from the other messages Paul is legally 
>blind, so looking at the output is a bit difficult

         Paul: Yes, I am totally blind and use a screen reader 
software which is useless with Adobe documents.

>BTW: Paul, have you ever heard of robobraille.org?

         Paul: a long time ago, on BBC Radio 4,  there was an 
interview with a gentleman from Denmark about the project. I'll have 
a scan of the web site later to see what's on offer.

>As for the quotation marks, the reason they are different is that in 
>type we often use two different marks for the quotations, one to 
>open it and one to close it afterwards. This even depends on language.

         Paul: We have the same system in braille.

>You might even see `" and '" being used.

Paul: what effects do they produce? Are they single quotes, double 
quotes, opening, closing ...?

>A much more readable solution is to use the csquote package, and its 
>\enquote (might be another name), then it is much more clearly 
>marked that \enquote{some text} is enclosed in quotation marks, and 
>this macro is even language aware, thus auto chooses the appropriate 
>quotation marks for that language.

Paul: I'm looking at plain Tex right now.
So, let me recap:
`` produces a double left quote;
` a single left quote;
'' a double right quote;
' a single right quote
true, false?

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