[texhax] Making LaTeX more Usable for the blind (Formerly: help )with identifying some macros

P. R. Stanley prstanley at ntlworld.com
Sat Oct 17 20:09:55 CEST 2009

>daleif: I gave a talk recently for an association of blind people 
>and people working with the blind.
>One of the things we looked at is representing math in a way such 
>that the blind can read it.
>One of the ideas is to use the co-called octo-braille to represent 
>ANSII, and then present well prepared LaTeX code for the blind to read.
>Using standard LaTeX macro names are not that good as they often 
>hide the true meaning of the equation.
>For example in topology \cong often means isomorphy, so
>X \isomorph Y gives much better meaning than X \cong Y
>         Paul: Yes, a more verbose syntax would help although it's 
> easy to to go too far the other way, e.g. Java, VB, semantic web.
>Personally I think the most speedy way forward would be to have more 
>descriptive documentation which would not rely on supplementary 
>visual illustrations. Something that we could all contribute towards 
>via this list.

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