[texhax] rounded v in Times

hh hh-brasil at bol.com.br
Fri Oct 16 15:35:32 CEST 2009

The txfonts option provides the option to set a rounded "v" in math.
This can be done locally with "\varv"or in the preample more 
generally (but then 4 letters will be changed in mathmode).

The problem is that there is - AFAIK - no way to get a rounded "v" in 
the normal text. 

So an expression like

x_{\mathrm v} 

delivers the standard "v" from txfonts, but not a rounded (upright) 
 And "{\mathrm \varv}" does not deliver any an upright letter at all.

Is there a simple way to change this?  
I need the possibility to get an  upright rounded "v" in text mode?

BTW: a type1-font like Times-Europa (Monotype) has it's "v"s always 
rounded, but is  no choice here because the book would then need more 
pages (Times-Europa is quite widerunning).

Thanks in advance

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