[texhax] quoting date

Dr Nicola L C Talbot n.talbot at uea.ac.uk
Sat Oct 10 16:12:48 CEST 2009

> I'm inserting dates in a table in the month abbrev date[st|nd|th] 
> format, e.g. Oct. 9th.
> Question is, is there a macro for presenting date in above format?
> Is there one for presenting date in the day/month/year, e.g. 09/10/09 format?
> I suppose what I'm really asking is what visual difference these 
> macros would make to the date string.
> Any pointers would be most appreciated.

The datetime package provides various date formats, and you can define 
your own format if none of the predefined ones are appropriate. The 
current date is, as usual, produced with \today, but it follows the same 
format as \formatdate{day}{month}{year} which is used to format a 
specific date. For example:


would produce:
10/10/2009. 09/10/2009.

Nicola Talbot

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