[texhax] texhax Digest, Vol 2009, Issue 379

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Fri Oct 9 16:11:44 CEST 2009

At 16:55 06.10.09, Susan Dittmar wrote:
>Quoting Toby Cubitt (tsc25 at cantab.net):
> > Really? I just tried \renewenvironment{paragraph}{foo}{bar} and it
> > happily defines the new paragraph environment (redefining the \paragraph
> > command behind the scenes, with no complaints).
>No complaints only because you did not put it through tests. With \re...
>you circumvented exactly the tests the others ran into.

The original subject (disguised by hh) was "renewenviroment paragraph", so 
why \newenvironment? (I answered under the original subject.)

>But your code will break a lot of existing examples -- anything using the 
>standard \paragraph

Which examples? Who uses LaTeX's \paragraph?

>Probably without any helpful error messages -- TeX will just be
>missing \end's. It's much safer to give it a unique name as it differs
>quite a bit from the standard \paragraph.

After \newenvironment{paragraph}{...}{...}, \endparagraph is defined, so what?

However, I guessed that all of this is irrelevant since the OP seemed to 
have the mislead idea that \renewcommand{paragraph}{...}{...} changed the 
appearance of paragraphs.

-- Uwe.

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