[texhax] Split Screen For Emacs Console with preview latex

Douglas Lewan d_lewan2000 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 5 23:35:18 CEST 2009


I serious doubt that emacs on a console can do what you want.  However, if you can find an appropriate console DVI viewer you might be able to use screen(1) to run emacs in one console and the DVI view in another.

Disclaimer:  In my 5 minute search I was not able to find much good about graphics on a Linux console.  (It's possible.  Mplayer can do it.  But it's not common and it may be disruptive.)
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From: Muhammad Najmi Ahmad Zabidi <najmi.zabidi at gmail.com>
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Subject: [texhax] Split Screen For Emacs Console with preview latex


I want to know how to create split emacs screen for real time Latex ouput, which is something like this:


I tried:
Auctex - this one using internal output
Whizzytex- this use ADVI output
Yatex - plan to use latex-math-preview (using default install in Ubuntu apt-get install yatex), but can't managed to get it work.

Can you guys lead me? I saw my friend did that years back, but I am not sure whether current emacs support that.

Also can emacs with -nw flag append that in it's screen? Since currently I'm using plain console.
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