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Dorothy Jammins dorothy.jammins at yahoo.com
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Not sure if this will work for you but you can define your own
makeindex style. One of the things you can define, is the output file
preamble where you can add the text you want. You can also define the
sort order for characters not in the english alphabet.

Check the
man page of makeindex for more details. Also there should be some
example style files (e.g. for german) with your distribution. If you
have texlive look under:

Sorry but I've never used xindy.


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Is there a simple way to put some additional text in an index, after the heading but before the index entries?
I use xindy (Swedish) and one way of doing it is to put an extra \lettergroup{} in the .ind file but this means that it has to be done after the index entries are sorted and hence every time a new index in generated..

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