[texhax] ASU Thesis/Dissertation Style File

Sharon Baker sharon_baker at asu.edu
Sun May 3 01:01:37 CEST 2009

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to inform everyone that with the help of Peter Wilson,  
and his creation of the pwasu.sty file, I have passed my final format  
approval for my thesis!!  I would also like to thank Yuri Robbers and  
Tom Sgouros for their help with the last few formatting changes I  

If anyone is interested in using the style file for their ASU Thesis/ 
Dissertation, please contact me.  I will likely be unsubscribing to  
this list for now.

Thank you all again for your attention and your help!


On Apr 3, 2009, at 7:38 PM, Sharon Baker wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I'm completing my thesis for a Masters at ASU (Arizona State  
> University) and I'm using LaTeX.  I am using an old style file  
> asthesis.sty that John Jones wrote in 1998.  The version I have is  
> April 2001 (version 1.11).
> Unfortunately, some ignoramus at ASU posted the following (below)  
> in May of 2005 so I haven't heard of anyone updating that style  
> file since.  ASU's complete ignorance about LaTeX baffles me,  
> though.  Anyway, I'm obviously ignoring them hoping I can get the  
> format correct and not have to use crappy WORD!!   So if anyone has  
> a recent version of this style file (that will follow the latest  
> Format Manual from ASU), I'd love it if you shared it :D  But if no  
> one replies, I will have to send requests to texhax for help to fix  
> format errors the graduate college will whine about.
> --------------------
> Due to continued formatting errors associated with the style-file  
> LaTeX, the Format Advising Service does not recommend that students  
> continue to use it as a style guide.
> LaTeX, developed by a former ASU student, is available only on his  
> personal website and is based on an outdated version of the Format  
> Manual. The format of theses and dissertations has changed since  
> its development, and LaTeX no longer meets the basic requirements  
> of a recommended style guide. The check-box option for LaTeX has  
> been removed from the Format Approval Sheet, and students are  
> encouraged to use other style guides such as APA, MLA, Chicago,  
> Turabian, or a field-specific journal article.
> --------------------
> Thanks so much!
> Sharon

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