[texhax] query to members in Greece (private reply, not to list, please)

pierre.mackay at comcast.net pierre.mackay at comcast.net
Sun Mar 29 11:54:35 CEST 2009

Between September and late February. we were able to find unsecured sites that we could reach from an apartment in Ano Ilissia and thus handle our small email needs (much of it TeXhax), but the party seems to be over.  Not only are all sites reduced to 20% signal strength at best, they seem to be either secured to WPA2 or too flakey to carry POP mail traffic.  

Can anyone here in Greece suggest (private reply, because I doubt TeXhax wants to see the gory details) what would be the best approach for a three-month connection.  There is an OTE land-line in the apartment, so that may boost the OTE - DSL option rather high in the list of options.  

Would we be facing physical alteration of the OTE line?  Would there be a serious early termination cost if the next tenants in the apartment decided not to continue? 


Pierre.MacKay at comcast.net
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