[texhax] Bibtex entry for article with no author

Thomas Jacobs thomasjacobs at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 01:27:29 CET 2009

Fellow listers,

This is not really a tex question per se, but I would appreciate any
suggestion on how one references a magazine/periodical article where
no author is provided.  For example, The Economist does not list
article authors in its issues, so I am struggling how to create a
suitable Bibtex entry.  Several web searches led to using "No Author
Given" but this seems very strange when you see it listed in the work
as in No Author Given (2007).  Can anyone share an alternative

Here is how my current Bibtex entry appears for one of the offending
references to the Economist:

AUTHOR = {{No author given}},
TITLE ={Leaders: {W}all {S}treet's Crisis},
YEAR = 2008,
MONTH = {March 22,},
NOTE = {March 22}
%PAGES = {11}

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!


Thomas Jacobs

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